Getting our Jibbi on

March 2017

Throwback to the day we spent with one of the most amazing coffee professional , Queen of the latte art smack down, roaster and owner of the jibbi jug range of milk pitchers   We are obsessed with the process of continuous learning and working with the best in the industry

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MICE 2015 – A weekend of coffee emersion

April 2015

MICE (Melbourne international coffee expo) is the premier coffee get together in the southern hemisphere bringing together roasters, green been farmers, packaging contractors, machine & equipment suppliers and generally all things coffee related. For a bunch of over caffeinated Sydneysiders such as us, this is an annual pilgrimage that offers the opportunity to learn about new […]

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We said CRONUT, not corona!!!

July 2014

Cronut – a croissant-doughnut pastry originating in New York City. The pastry is made by frying a laminated dough in grape seed oil. The fried pastry is then sugared, filled, and glazed. At first very few people had any idea what we were so excited about but now that word has spread that Lime is […]

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Proudly home made

April 2014

For those of you who we see regularly this wouldn’t have come as a surprise. Home made is something we’re passionate about and truly believe in (we make our own salad dressings, muffins, gluten free cakes, croutons to name a few) so preparing our own jams and preserves @ Lime seemed a natural fit. Batch […]

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Mini muffins for a massive day

April 2014

For a while now we’ve been thinking of something BIG…well small but we were confident that it could be really really BIG!!! A combination of freshly baked home made muffins and a worthwhile cause made for a great day.   It’s simple, we bake as many mini muffins as our ovens could handle, sell them […]

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Over $2500 donated to charity in 2013

February 2014

This is one area of the business that we’re most proud of and together with the help of our wonderful customers its paying dividends!!!!!! We raised on average over $200 per month last year via a combination of loose change donations and our suppliers chipping in We’re confident this year will break a new record with even […]

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